My Favourite Jewelry Pieces

I love to dress an outfit with jewelry and have some bit's and pieces I thought I would share with you all, Some I can remember where I brought, other where present's and other's I've had for so long I can't remember where I got them from! So I haven't been able to put prices for all the items.

I'll start with earrings  I have three which are my favorite which I try to team up with outfit's. They are my Victorian style heart earring's which I purchased in New Look for around £3 about a year ago, I always team them up with a neutral outfit as they are perfect for summer - I also adore the little diamond (fake btw!) studs around the picture. Also I have some lovely mushroom earrings I found while wondering around Stratford-Upon-Avon from a shop called Lola Blue were around £8 but I couldn't resit them as they are adorable.  My last favorite pair of earrings are ones my dad picked out for me they are a really simply crow stud set but as crow's are my favorite birds I fell in love with them! I'm not sure of the cost though or where they are from unfortunately.

I also have a thing for bow rings I have 2 really cute girly ones from a pop up shop in Banbury they cost around £2 each but they are amazing to team up with outfit's, I love to clash them with my clothes =]
I got given my third bow ring by my sister but I'm pretty sure it is from New Look, I just love how it's got a vintage edge to it and is really classic.

Now onto my necklaces  this may take a while =/ unfortunately I can't remember where I purchased any of these! So sorry in advance! But first up is my bunny necklace which as soon as I picked it up it reminded me of Alice In Wonderland, it's a lovely simple piece which goes well with most clothes. Second I have my owl which I adore, as does my little brother! It's quite big so I have to team it with really toned down outfit's but it such an adorable piece, I especially love his little face =] . I then have my reindeer necklace which is amazing, I love to wear this necklace as I get a few compliments with it on and it's also my brother's favorite (his only 5 btw haha!) but I do adore this necklace it's so different. Almost finished =p I have my strawberry necklace which at first I wasn't sure if I liked it but it has grown on me and now I wear it most day's as my day-to-day necklace. Last but not least my dragon fly which was also a present from my dad, I love this little piece. It has so much detail to it and goes well with most clothes, it's only on a short chain so it sit's just below my neck but it is pretty amazing!

Lastly I purchased some jewelry pieces from an amazing online store and beauty blogger/vlogger called Dolly Bow Bow I purchased the bow necklace £8 and daisy earrings £6. I love all the jewelry pieces from this site and it was quite hard to choose just a few but as my birthday treat I may have to have a little spending spree on this site!

I hope you enjoy this rather long post, Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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