Lush's Sex Bomb Review

This bath bomb can be awkward to pick up, especially if you are with your parent's or a group of friends! So I was luckily on my own and was able to buy one, at £3.20 it's a great buy.

The smell was amazing and so relaxing, it was really fresh and flowery. It also had a lovely silky feeling to it which stayed on my skin for ages after I had finally gotten out the bath.

It turned my bath water an amazing pink shade and left my bathroom smelling amazing for the rest of the day which I love. Also the lovely little rose in the middle of the bath bomb stayed floating in my bath till I had to pull the plug which was a lovely touch!

I can't wait to repurchase this bath bomb, have you tried it yet? Leave me a link to your review!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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