Lush Dragon's Egg Review

Oh wow what a great bath bomb! For £3.20 it's a great buy, I picked it up not knowing much about it as a blogger recommended I buy one and I was not let down.

Once you place it into your bath it starts to fizz and dissolve straight away, The first little surprise was some confetti petals which were visible when I picked up the bath bomb so wasn't much of a surprise but was still a lovely touch.

I then left it to swirl about and do it's thing when I noticed is started to produce some orange swirls which was lovely, as well as the citrus scent that came with the orange swirls I was one happy bunny! The scent was amazing though and seemed to get stronger as it dissolved.

The last little surprise was the popping candy ending, I was not excepting my bath to start popping so it was a lovely treat.

I am officially in love with this bath bomb! I think it must be the popping candy as I fell in love with my Fizzbanger Bath Bomb as well!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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  1. You can't beat a good Lush bathbomb :) the Twilight one is really lovely too

    Kayleigh x