Birthday Celebration's

Happy Birthday to me! I'm now 22 years old =] I had a great birthday and thought I would blog about it. I visited Cotswold Wildlife Park, had a lovely meal out and some birthday drinks, and then opened all my presents and goodies.

First of the amazing Cotswold's it was a lovely day out luckily it didn't rain and we had a bit of sunshine, but it was great visiting all the animals and walking rounds the grounds. We were lucky enough to see the lion's being feed and the giraffes being feed. We also saw the bird displays and I got to hold an Eagle which was extremely heavy! My little brother enjoyed the park and the petting zoo (I did to! But being 22 I'm not allowed to show it haha) but it was a great family day out, here are some photo's for you to enjoy.

I then went out for a meal in Banbury to Top Wok were you can have all you can eat for £13 so me, my sister and Nicky enjoyed a lovely meal there. We then went of to De Ja Vu for cocktails and some girly giggles, it was a great little evening out. Here's some more photo's for you.

Then the next day 27th May I turned 22 and was able to open all my present's yay! I got a lovely candle from Nicky (which I may of opened at the meal ooopss) it was in Coconut Water scent which was lovely. I got a lovely watch from River Island from my sister which will be great as I won't have to check my phone now every time I need to know the time. I also got some travel goodies from Soap and Glory from my mum which will be perfect for my holiday in July. And then I got some sweet's and chocolate's as every girl loves some chocolate! I did receive some other gifts but wasn't sure if they were suitable for my blog.

But I had a lovely day and spent it with the people I love the most! XoXoXo

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