Soap and Glory Review's Body Scrubs, Butter and Arch De Triumph

I don't own many Soap and Glory product's but when I went shopping for some holiday bit's and bob's I noticed they had a mini collection so I picked up some scrubs. Then while I was shopping I also noticed an offer 'spend £10 or more and receive a free body butter' So I also picked up a body butter and a eyebrow pencil.

The mini's are fantastic, They smell amazing and leave my skin feeling so soft, while scrubbing on my skin I was worried it would scratch as it's quite a harsh formula but it was completely opposite, it soothed and relaxed my skin. I went back recently and picked up a large bottle of one of the scrub's as both my mini's had nearly run out.

The free body butter was the five fruit one, which smells divine. It is really thick but smooth's onto my skin really well, it also really soothes my skin after a hot bath. The product also seem's to last for ever, I've been using it for a good 2 week's now and it still seem's as full as when I brought it!

Lastly one of my favorite product's I purchased last month was the Arch De Triumph eyebrow pencil, which has 2 side's a eyebrow shaper and then a highlighter. This product is fantastic,  The shaper blends so well and has an easy build able coverage, while the highlighter is great for blending and if you go wrong it smudges off really well.

I will defiantly be purchasing some more Soap and Glory product's, do you have any favorites?

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