Primark Make Up Brushes Review

Whenever I go to Primark I usually just have a look at the clothes or home section, but I was on the hunt for some new make up brushes and didn't want to pay to much for them. The first thing I noticed was they have a lovely pink end and they are quite small which is ideal as I don't have a massive make up bag.

I picked up a blusher brush and a foundation/concealer brush both priced at £1.50. Once I had taken them out of the secure packaging, which is great if you don't want people touching your brushes before you used them! The top of the brush (the pink bit) is so soft and feel's amazing on my skin, the brush is sturdy and doesn't feel like it will break.

I use my blusher brush as a powder brush. It picks up the powder really well and spread's it over my face evenly, The end of the brush is quite large so I wouldn't use it as a blusher brush but for everyday powder I can't fault it.

I use my foundation and concealer brush with a liquid foundation and collection 2000 stick concealer  the spread really evenly and the brushes are great for blending. I find I have to wash them every 2 week's or so, but when I do they clean up really well.

So for me I have finally found a make up brush set that I love, And for £1.50 I can't really go wrong!

Do you have any brush set's you can't live without? Let me know!

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  1. Yay thank you for the review! I now know to pick them up when I next go to a primark! ♥