March Empties and All About April

This month I only have 4 product's I've used up and they have all been amazing.

My favorite product has been my Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel which unlucky for me only come's out every year for Christmas. If anyone know's of a dupe product of this please let me know! I love the scent and how my skin has lovely glitter specks all over after using this product.

My second favorite being Neutrogena Spot Stress Control, It has been amazing on my skin and has cleared up some nasty breakout's but when I went back to Saver's to repurchase it they no longer had that version, so I had to settle with Neutrogena Gentle Exfoliating Wash. Which I haven't tried yet but hopefully it will be just as good.

I have also just finished my second pot of Rimmel Match Perfection which has been amazing but I hate the fact it only last's a month. I was really looking for a foundation to last up to 3 months. So I have now bought a new foundation which is working well, Review to come soon!

My last empty is Nivea Body Lotion which I got as a Christmas present and have only just used it up. It has been a great lotion, always making my skin feel soft and nourished but I love my lotion and potions to be scented so I have opted for a Soap & Glory product rather then repurchasing this lotion.

All About April!

So for April my plan is to use up as many product's as I can, as my cupboard is getting more and more full but I'm hardly using any of it! So I will be doing some lovely in depth reviews on products and letting you know how well I get on with using them up.

Let me know if you have your Empties blog up yet so I can have a little look,

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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