Lush You've Been Mangoed Review

After having a very busy and hard day today I thought it was finally time to use my luxury bath melt from Lush. Priced at just £3.10 it was a great buy.

For me smelling it before placing it into my bath it wasn't to strong, but once I had placed it into my bath and it started to dissolve the smell was so strong and relaxing. It had a really nice mango smell but also a really nice citrus scent which I adored! It was the kind of scent which really relaxed me and made me feel at ease.

While I was in the bath it made my skin feel quite oily  almost like I had just put body butter on and jumped into the bath. But after I had got out and dried myself my skin felt so refreshed and soothed. It didn't leave an overpowering smell on my skin like I would of like it to but then it had so many good point's it didn't bother me to much =]

I can't wait to repurchase this product as well as the Mmmelting Marshmellow moment on my next shopping trip! Have you tried You've Been Mangoed, what did you think?

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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