Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Review

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel for me is one of my favorite scent's, While shopping for some new skin care product's I came across a range in boot's which has the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel scent and won't break the bank.

I've purchased the following product's over the last few months:

Spot Wand - £3.56
Peel Of Mask - £2.99
Shine Control Day Moisturizer- £3.59
Night Gel - £2.99
Cleansing and Toning Lotion - £3.59

The spot wand is a fantastic product, I get spot's quite a lot and this little wand works wonder's. It come's with 2 side's a day spot cream and also the night spot cream, I can honestly say this product's has 100% helped clear up some nasty little spot's. It work's straight away and is easy to use under or over make up as it doesn't have an extra shine to it.

The peel of mask I purchased quite a while ago but I am a massive fan of peel of mask's but can't seem to find any anywhere. This one has a lovely scent not to overpowering but enough to relax you, the mask soften's your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed .

The shine control day moisturizer works wonders! It leaves my skin feeling amazing and absorbs straight away. The scent is quite strong but it does tone down a little after a few minutes of so. But the best thing about this product is you can wear it under your make up, I love this product I think it must be my favorite out of them all.

The night gel is great, it is a little runny though so instead of applying it by hand I use a little cotton wool. It goes on lovely though and you can feel it working all night, but when you wake up in the morning it has all soaked in which is great, as there is nothing worse then waking up with gel all over your pillow and face!

And lastly the cleanser and toner lotion which has been great, it removes my make up and does a great job making my face feel refreshed. The one thing I would say is don't forget to read the small print and don't rub it in your eyes, Big mistake I made when I first tried it!

So I would defiantly recommend these product's if you have spot prone skin like me.

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