Skincare | Superdrug Refreshing Face Scrub

When it comes to skincare I like to keep it simple and cruelty free, so I tend to stick to Superdrug's skincare range as I know they will always provide me with what I want. I was browsing there clearance section and came across a facial scrub for 30p, as it was apart of there own range I knew it would be what I needed so I purchased it and was not let down.

Lifestyle | How I Stay Happy

I've suffered throughout my teens and into my adult life with a serious case of depression, this has come in waves that like to hit me when I least expect it causing me to spiral into a downwards path and out of control. I have several ways I like to keep happy and try to attempt these things before I get to bad and for today's post I wanted to share how I like to stay happy.

Fashion | This Bag Is Out Of This World

I'm all one for quirky and fun bags and sometimes I have impulse buys and end up walking out of a shop with a bag that's impractical but really fun. In the Accessorize sale I ending up buying a small bag that caught my eye and only for £12.50 it was a complete bargain, have I managed to use it yet well no but it looks good.

Beauty | Faith In Nature Shampoo Review

One of my biggest struggles going cruelty free was trying to find a shampoo that didn't harm my scalp, as I have a dry skin condition this has been one of my biggest struggles even when I wasn't cruelty free. However it was suggested to me that I try out the Faith Shampoo from Holland and Barrett, for just £5.50 I picked up a bottle of there fragrance free shampoo.

Beauty | My Cruelty Free Makeup Routine

I made the decision to go cruelty free around 6 months ago now and have felt good every since I made the choice, for me it just felt normal to not harm animals anymore so going cruelty free was a good choice. I understand why people don't as it took me a while to find products that actually worked well for me and looked good but now I have my make up sorted I wanted to share an updated what's in my make up case for you.

Book Review | The Wonder by Emma Donoghue

The book has to be one of the quickest I've read in a long time, it was one I couldn't put down as I needed to know the ending ASAP. It has such a tragic twist at the end but just as you feel like it's coming to an end there's a biggest twist that will leave you beaming with happiness. With a mix of love, detest, mystery and religion this book is one that anyone can read and get a really buzz from, it's it family drama in the worst way possible that you want then I urge you to buy this book.

Beauty | Colour Correcting Palette Maybelline

At first when I used this product I wasn't overly impressed with how it worked and how I was suppose to use it but after some research and searching some online tutorials I managed to get to grips with the colour correcting palette from Maybelline. Maybelline are a great affordable high street brand that have some great products, for just £2 I managed to get my palette in the sale.